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Being Human Clothing

All offers, deals, discounts, events, sales at Being Human Clothing. All Being Human Clothing Stores. Being Human Clothing is a unique global licensing arrangement with Being Human - The Salman Khan Foundation, Mandhana Industries has brought about a clothing line with a heart where royalties from the clothing line support education and healthcare initiatives of the Foundation. With an exclusive worldwide license to design, manufacture, retail and distribute Being Human Clothing. Mandhana Industries offers to its customers, a world - class fashionable product coupled with the satisfaction of doing good. The Being Human Clothing collection was first launched in Europe in 2012 followed by the Middle East and India. Mandhana Industries has envisioned Being Human Clothing as a global brand that encompasses within the best of Global Fashion, quality and the satisfaction of getting attached to and contributing to humanity. Love, Care, Share, Help, Hope, Respect The Being Human Clothing line stands out by the above positive, simple, human message, social responsibility and the protection of human and natural environment. This initiative hopes to foster development that meets the needs of the present generation, without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet theirs. What make these clothes original are their design, details and visuals evoking the Being Human messages. The result is clothing collections that are both trendy and reaching out to people who share these values.

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