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India's Award Winning Premium Yogurt Chain Cocoberry is India's first premium frozen yogurt chain. Our name is a blend of the words "Coco" from Cocoa beans and "Berry" from the assortment of fruits that we serve along with freshly made Non-Fat Frozen yogurt. We also serve a selection of hot and cold beverages such as coffees, teas and smoothies. We are currently serving 4 flavors of "froyo" in three portions sizes, S,M,L and all of which are customizable with fresh fruit such as Blueberries, Strawberries, Kiwi, Mango, Pomegranate, Musk Melon and Black Grapes or dry toppings such as Oreo Cookies, Snickers, Granola, Sliced Almonds, Walnuts. Cocoberry also serves a variety of freshly made sandwiches.

A Frozen Dessert That is Good for You Cocoberry's most unique differentiating factor from most frozen dessert's is that it has the natural goodness of non-fat frozen yogurt such as calcium, protein, live and active culture and is low in fat and provides you with a healthy dessert choice. Cocoberry is made with fresh probiotic cultures, yogurt and non-fat milk. It is scrumptiously, healthy and low- fat, something that one wants and needs! Cocoberry Frozen Yogurt is a meal in itself. Our Yogurt Parfait is a complete nutritious blend of yogurt , granola and fruit, while giving you a tantalizing taste of all three delights,i.e.the creaminess of yogurt, the crunchiness of granola and the tartness of berries,it also gives a complete balanced and nutritious meal.

It Is So Good That You Want More And More And More…. Have you ever gone on websites that have told you about how great their product is and how “scientifically proven” and “well researched” their product is ? Then there is a whole list of calories and charts claiming how few calories they have or how nutritious theirs is? Well.. we have too. Actually,we have to as per the rules, you see, but for me, our stuff is it! Have you ever gone to a place, say a café, or a parlor,or a pub or restaurant and had something, it could be healthy or something totally sinful and have had the urge to have a second one because it is so amazing. Cocoberry is exactly like that, you want to go back for more…it is so amazing, and the best part is yet to come, it is healthy!! So next time go ahead and try it, you can only enjoy it.

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