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Divas & Dudes

Divas & Dudes is India’s first Salon, Spa and Party Lounge exclusively for Kids. Since our launch in 2012, we have been servicing thousands of Little Divas & Dudes across Bangalore.

We have met the most amazing kids and found so many sparkling qualities in them. We are awed at how confident and poised some of our little clients are. We wanted to bring out their super awesome quality and showcase their amazing personalities , thus the Little Divas & Little Dude contest was born.

India Kids Fashion show is a premiere fashion show that brings style and glamour in kids fashion world, it endorses an assemblage of emerging, established and celebrity fashion designers and brands from all over the world to build a prolific fashion portfolio while fostering young model contingent!

Divas & Dudes and the India Kids Fashion Show has come together to host the FIRST EVER Kids Personality Contest and Fashion Show in Bangalore this April!


Divas & Dudes ETIQUETTE Workshop

Our ETIQUETTE workshop is designed to empower children to develop strong social skills that will transform them into leaders of tomorrow. We encourage our youth to support one another, discover new possibilities within themselves and take control of their destiny by making good choices.

Divas & Dudes GROOMING Workshop

A polished appearance and sophisticated demeanor create a great impression, while a positive image builds confidence and the attractive public persona necessary for work and social success.Our gorgeous munchkins will go through a session with our senior stylists who will help create their perfect look for on ramp off ramp in our grooming classes

Divas & Dudes VOICE MODULATION Workshop

More important than what you say is how you say it. Do you want to be heard? Say it LOUD & CLEAR! We have a holistic approach to teaching our little Divas & Dudes how to use the right tone and pitch of voice.


Put your best foot forward by learning to navigate the runway like the pros. Our classes are great for our enthusiastic Divas & Dudes who want to learn the correct modeling techniques for the runway.

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