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We all have a fundamental need to connect with the people and things that matter to us. People want to reach out to each other: talk, share, laugh, cry, gossip, anything. Information is shared, greetings are exchanged, messages of love are sent – but regardless of the content, connecting with other people is one of the key things that make us what we are.

We at Nokia want to help all this happen by making relevant and easy-to-use devices and offering services that help people connect. Different people have different communication needs, and we’re working to meet all of those specific needs. In short, we strive to help everyone feel close to and connect with what’s important to them, regardless of time or place.

That's why we invented text messaging in 1993 and led the development of the first picture messaging service. We were involved in the first successful MMS, sent in Finland in 2002. In the recent years, we’ve also come up with numerous state-of-the-art ideas, such as the Comes With Music service, a truly innovative approach to legal music downloading. In fact, we’ve made countless innovations since the birth of mobile – one of the most important being the world’s first GSM phone.

Our history goes way back. We started almost 150 years ago at a paper mill in Finland (that’s right, we’re not Japanese). In between that time and the present day, we’ve been successful in such areas as rubber manufacturing, electricity generation, cables, consumer electronics, footwear, and countless others – all this through innovation and awareness of the constantly evolving needs of our consumers.

Today, we're working toward a time when everyone on the planet is connected. We’re continually exploring new ways to make this happen, turning innovative ideas – be they devices, services, social networks or something completely new – into useful tools to help people connect.

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