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Punjab Grill

The Princely State of Punjab is not only known for its opulence and grandeur but also for the depth of its cuisine. Since time immemorial the fertility of its fields and the richness of its dairy has been the pride of the nation. The equally exquisite Maharaja’s and Princes of Punjab have shown great passion for their Gastronomic Adventures.

Royalty, Grandeur, Synthesis and Abundance marked the beginning of the story of the cuisines of Punjab. The unification of Punjab into one sovereign nation state, covering the five rivers and spreading across a vast expanse covering both, parts of Pakistan and India, under the centralized rule of its Maharaja’s, was a significant factor for the cultural unification and proliferation. The sovereign nation of Punjab was formed by Maharaja Ranjeet Singh in the 18th Century AD.

Punjab Grill is a vision of the culinary legend J. Inder Singh Kalra "Jiggs" and his son Zorawar Kalra to take food connoisseurs and its patrons on a scintillating journey across the five rivers to recreate the grand cuisine of the erstwhile Princely State of Punjab.

Critically acclaimed Fine Dining Restaurant serving cuisine from the erstwhile Region of Punjab

The Best North Indian Restaurant - Gurgaon
(Times Food Awards, Delhi-NCR, 2011)

The Best Standalone Indian Restaurant
(Times Food Awards, South Mumbai, 2011)

The Best Cross Border Cuisine Restaurant
(Times Now Foodie Awards, India, 2011)

The Best North Indian Restaurant - Gurgaon
(Times Food Awards, Delhi-NCR, 2010)

The Best New Restaurant
(CNN International Best Eat Awards, Mumbai, 2010)

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